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Services in several areas important to businesses and organisations showcase Synchron’s expertise.

Project Management and Consultancy
Project management is an established methodology for effective delivery of defined objectives. The specific methodology used by Synchron is PRINCE2. Synchron’s project management expertise provides for prudent and cost-effective allocation of resources to your projects - we will ensure that they are delivered in a timely manner satisfying both quality and cost restraints and end user requirements.

We also provide specialist engineering and management consultants to assist with projects aimed at improving productivity and competitiveness, through targeted investment in technology, facilities and equipment. Our skilled sector and functional specialists will work with you to optimise your capital investment plans - and help you put these plans into practice.

Strategic Planning & Organisational Alignment
Synchron is adept at broadening senior management’s perspective and introducing considerations that drive improved business performance, profitability, and competitiveness. Synchron provides the business and technical expertise, objectivity, focus, and intelligence to give you a new look at your realities and powerful approaches to your possibilities.

Business Process Optimisation
Address obstacles to specific goals and properly align and deploy every weapon in your strategic arsenal. Ensure that every process, system, and procedure adds value. Synchron characterises how objectives are currently being pursued and identifies key areas for improvement. Then, Synchron leads the effort to optimise each step – eliminating ineffective practices – and facilitates their integration into a new process that becomes part of the natural flow of work within your organisation’s culture.

Information Management & Technology Applications
Rather than focusing only on the automation aspects of the IT function, Synchron asks the questions that beg to be asked. What information is required for a decision? By whom and when? The answer reflects a combination of Synchron’s technology and business acumen – both required perspectives for helping you use information better.

Interim Management
Interim management is a flexible means of covering a short-term requirement. You can hire in an experienced Synchron manager at short notice. Contact us with your requirements.

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